Cross Country University Reviews

See what campers and parents have to say about their experiences at XCU!

The time at cross country camp was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had. Hands down, smartest decision I have ever made. I have pushed myself in running, at least I thought I have, until I ran with much faster kids then me, but glad so I have to push myself. I loved the fact that motivational speakers come in to tell their story just touched me. It made me realize why I love running so much. Also, when the nutritionist came in, I must say it was a huge EYE OPENER! I learned about so many things that it really pays off to eat healthy. After the nutritionist spoke, I was literally on the phone with my mother telling her what to get at the grocery store. I knew that I was going to stay dedicated when I get home, and I did and I still am. This camp changed me to be a better runner. Beside running there were so many activities I was always busy. I was exhausted at the end of the every day from running to running around playing all the games. Also a huge part I liked was getting closer to my teammates. I barely knew them coming in to camp, walking out of camp on the way home they felt like brothers. It is a shame it is only one week because it flyies by. I had an amazing experience this year as a senior and when I was a freshman. I highly suggest to give it a try! – Jason M., Steinert HS (Senior)

My son attended XCU on the recommendation of a coach who is an XCU alum himself. My son thoroughly enjoyed the camp. It was a great week of training and having the chance to be in such a supportive running environment was a great experience for him.  I also wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Jen Loxton, who is responsible for all the administrative support for XCU. Jen went above and beyond in answering all of my questions and was just a pro in every sense while registering my son for camp.  All around, XCU was a great experience! -Rich D. ,(Parent)

I really enjoyed going to XCU camp this year. It was my first time attending XCU, however I hope it will not be the last. My cabin mates and counselors were kind and going on runs with them was a lot of fun. I’m also grateful that I learned important running and training skills that I can implement throughout the upcoming XC season. Without question, I am more prepared for the upcoming season. -Caleb D., Dwight Englewood HS (Sophomore)