Camp Rules

XCU Camp Rules

  • You are here to be a part of the camp, therefore attendance at all workouts, learning sessions, activities and meals are mandatory.
  • Common courtesy and respect will be practiced at all times.
  • Be 5 minutes early for all meetings and scheduled activities.
  • Visitors are allowed only with permission from the camp director.
  • Campers are expected to follow instructions of all camp personnel including the Directors, counselors and camp staff.
  • Cars driven by campers must remain parked for the duration of camp. We will collect the keys for these cars when you arrive. You will get them back when you are ready to leave for the week.
  • Smoking/alcohol/illegal drugs are forbidden and will result in the camper’s expulsion from camp.
  • The director reserves the right to send home, at parent’s expense, any individual or team who is not willing to further the interests of the camp community; an individual or group sent home on such terms will not receive a refund.
  • Any damage to the cabins or to any camp property will be at the camper’s expense.
  • Boys are prohibited from being in any girls cabins and vice versa.
  • Violation of camp rules may result in a ban from next year’s camp for individual(s)