Summer Camp Activities

In addition to learning all about running, XCU strives to make camp as fun as possible.

Here are some of the things you can look forward to doing while you’re there:

Talent show: You can do any kind of talent! You can bring your own karaoke music and/or your own instruments, costumes, or any other props or supplies you need to dazzle us. We have had singers, dancers, jugglers, skits. What can you do? Your team? Your cabin??

Dance: We have our own DJ but don’t be afraid to bring some music that the whole camp can enjoy. Make sure the disc is labeled and tell us which song you want played. Make sure it’s appropriate. We can also play your Ipod as well.

Olympic Competitions: We have individual, Olympic team and cabin competitions over the course of the week. The top three individual and team finishers win the coveted XCU Camp gold, silver and bronze medals. This includes the talent contest.

T-Shirt Making: We supply both a camp and a blank t-shirt for every camper. The blank t-shirt can be painted to show off your Olympic team. Think of inspirational slogans or quotes you may want to add to your shirt.

Hypnotist: This is the camp’s most popular event. We bring in the infamous Skyler who makes everyone laugh, at least those not hypnotized.

Crafts: Did you make a new friend at XCU? We give you the opportunity to make friendship bracelets for you and your friends!

Game room: Camp Lindenmere has a fantastic game room! Games include ping pong, air hockey, board games, and old arcade video games.

Recreation: You can play basketball, ultimate frisbee, gaga or go swimming.