Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

To give you an idea of what to expect at XCU, here is a breakdown of the daily schedule:

*We bus some campers to beautiful courses and parks in the Poconos each day. Those campers will wake up and leave earlier.

*Special events in the evening may change the times of the daily activities.

7:00 AM        Wakeup!

7:15 AM         Warmup jog and drills

7:35 AM         Morning run (Main run of day)

9:00 AM        Breakfast

9:45 AM          Free time

10:30 AM       Morning learning session (see at bottom)

11:15 AM       Open recreation (pool/basketball/volleyball/tennis/soccer/rest)

12:00 PM      Lunch

1:15 PM          Open recreation (pool/basketball/tennis/volleyball/rest/Olympics/t-shirt painting)

3:30 PM         Optional learn-by-doing learning sessions (small groups)

4:15 PM         Afternoon Easy Run  / AQUA Jogging in Pool

5:00 PM         Yoga/Core/Zumba Classes

6:00 PM         Dinner

6:45 PM         Relaxation time

8:00 PM         Evening Program (Hypnotist/Talent show/Campfire/Dance)

10:45 PM       In cabin

11:00 PM      Lights out!

Daily Learning Sessions:

  • Running fundamentals
  • Running form and analysis (including uphill and downhill running)
  • Nutrition
  • Racing strategies
  • Choosing the right running shoe
  • College recruiting/selection